Amateur Radio

FCC License Renewals and FCC License Expiration Notices

Amateurs may renew their FCC-issued licenses "on line" via the FCC web using FCC ULS. FCC permits on-line renewals at 90 days or less before a license will expire, and when the license has expired but is still within the grace period for renewal. Licenses that have been expired for more than 2 years are not eligible for renewal or reinstatement.

Step 1. Verify that your callsign has an FRN associated to itself. Use the LICENSES Search button on the FCC ULS web page then proceed to Step 2.

Step2. Use the CORES/CALLSIGN registration button on the FCC ULS web page to obtain an FRN and Password then associate it with your callsign. If you already have an FRN and Password, make sure it is associated to your callsign. Proceed to Step 3.

Step 3. Use the ONLINE FILING file button on the FCC ULS web page to apply for a new vanity license, renew, modify, transfer control and more.

Amateurs may continue to renew their licenses within 90 days before the license expiration date, or within the two-year license grace period after expiration, using FCC Form 605 by mail to: FCC, 1270 Fairfield Rd, Gettysburg PA 17325-7245.

All required forms for submission manually or electronic may be found at the FCC Form 605 web page.

Also local area amateur radio examinations are given in Pendleton and Hermiston Oregon, Walla Walla and Kennewick Washington.  Check schedules here for W5YI testing.

NOTE: Other than for Vanity license applications, all FCC license application actions are FREE


Vanity license applications currently cost $16.30 for 10 year period, a fee is required again at end of the 10 period for renewal.

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