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MARCH 2004

Whatís New?

Here we are two and a half months into the New Year.For those of you who havenít been checking the clubís web site, the new President is Whitley Smith, KD7VX.There is an absence in the Vice President position due to the lack of interest.We barely had a quorum at the meeting for nominations and the final vote.At this time we have a membership of 15; down from 45 members 2 yrs ago and 23 or so last year.


Speaking of the web page, it is up and running with another new page coming very soon.All of the links are working with the bad ones deleted.


The new 147.020 is in operation now and should have better ears now.It is hearing people up the Yakima Valley and hand held radios in the local area.Monday night the link to the 147.160 was back in service so we could be heard once again on both machines for the net.There are still a few adjustments to be made to all three of the club repeaters.


Membership. . . .

Membership is down at this time so if you see an old member or a new ham you think may be interested in the club why not remind them of the club web page address and invite them to a breakfast, meeting or one of the Monday evening nets.Letís find out what their interests are in amateur radio.We need to get involved in more local activities and events.There are many on the air activities to operate on hf and vhf / uhf, something for everyone.This is a good chance to collect a QSL card or Certificate from a distant or unusual contact.


If you would like to know who the current members are it is posted on the web site.If you click on the ARRL diamond on the opening page it will take you to the Leagueís site and there is much information available.We welcome any feedback that will make our clubís pages better.


Field Day 2004

The new Field Day rules are out and it is time to be doing some planning for this annual event.I am not sure who the event organizer will be this year, as we do not have a Vice President.Come to the meetings and check into the nets for discussion and ideas.


Field Day is a good place to introduce the public to amateur radio as well as renewing some of our own skills.The challenge of setting up and getting on the air in as little time as possible or searching out the airwaves for those much needed points and making a rare contact.Itís all a lot of fun but we need HARC crew and friends to be successful.


ARRL Membership

If you are not a member of the ARRL and would like to be your membership can be done through the club.The club treasury will get a portion of the dues for first time members or renewals after a 2 year lapse.Any regular membership can be renewed through the club or you can renew with the league in the usual manner.



If you have questions or need help on a license renewal or CORES registration we will have a new page on the web site in the very near future.Follow the links and instructions or contact Jody Cross N7ERT for help.Also, Jody can help with times and dates for testing for those that would like to upgrade or take a test.


March Meeting

The March meeting will host the nomination and election of the Board of Directors.The Board of Directors are elected at the March meeting and have undergone some changes in term length and there is more clarification of responsibility for these positions.


The FCC is continuing efforts to stem alleged unlicensed operation--primarily by long-haul truckers--on the 10-meter amateur band.
Enforcement Bureau Special Counsel Riley Hollingsworth, this month wrote FedEx Corporation CEO Frederick W. Smith enclosing a complaint asserting that some FedEx drivers have used "Amateur Radio transmitters to communicate on the 10-meter Amateur Radio band without a license," Hollingsworth said. The complaint focused on alleged operations in. . . . . . . . . . . . . . To finish viewing this story and many other current articles go to: http://www.arrl.org/arrlletter .The ARRL letter is published weekly and is available by the end of each week.

Used by permission of The ARRL Letter and The American Radio Relay League


Anyone . . . . . with comments or who have things of interest may send them to the club PO Box or to our e-mail address kc7kug@kc7kug.org and we will pass them along to our readers.


Please letís support the club and keep it alive.Pass a copy of this letter or our web page address on to friends and other amateurs.



73Phil, KC7KI